European Thermodynamics Ltd

EEuropean Thermodynamics LogoTL is a market-leading OEM supplier for thermal management systems. The company provides thermal engineering solutions from concept to supply and sells already 10,000 waste heat generation systems per month. With its expertise in thermal modelling as well as in the marketing of its own brand products, ETL will be co-ordinating the TITAN project. Furthermore, ETL is responsible for the system specification and design of the thermo-acoustic device and plays a major role in constructing and testing its prototype. Please click on the logo for more information.



TWI is one of Europe’s foremost independent not-for-profit research technology organisations with expertise in key aspects of materials and materials joining. Within the TITAN project, TWI will conduct structural integrity modelling and fabrication technologies for high temperature thermo-acoustic components. Please click on the logo for more information.

 University of Leeds

The UoL has 10 years of  experience in the research of thermo-acoustic technologies and owns therefore relevant state of the art labratory equipment. For TITAN, the UoL will design the thermo-acoustic system according to ETL’s specification outcomes. Please click on the logo for more information.